Oxygen ozone is an essential part of state-of-the-art dental care. Oxygen ozone kills bacteria, freshens bad breath, heals infected gums, treats deep cavities, whitens teeth, and helps avoid root canals. Ozonated water is very effective in killing bacteria and yet is safe enough to drink by the glassful. Ozone is what keeps the water that runs through our dental equipment free of the biofilm that is loaded with bacteria. We make fresh Ozonated water ever day since it has a limited shelf life.

What makes oxygen and ozone so effective in disinfecting waterlines and deep cavities and whitening discolored teeth? Neutrophils are the protective cells in your body. These cells fight bacteria by rapid generation and release of reactive oxygen. They create an “Oxidative Burst” which has the ability to kill bacteria and viruses by exploding the cell wall without damaging healthy cells of the body. We use oxygen and ozone in a similar way to create an “oxidative burst” which is also very powerful in attacking bad breath and whitening teeth. Ozone disinfects 3,000 times better than bleach, chlorine, or other commonly-used disinfectant chemicals, with virtually no side effects.

We are most excited… about using pure ozone/oxygen gas to treat deep cavities that reach the nerve. This allows us to avoid root canal in 80% of cavities that go into the nerve. Instead of the expense and inconvenience of a root canal it is a satisfying feeling to really help people save money and avoid the hassle of extra visits.

Oxygen Ozone

Arrests Caries. Ozone kills the bacteria responsible for dental cavities arresting the further development of caries.

Eliminates Tartar. Destroys the cell membranes of the biofilm matrix infections, therefore, dissolving the dental plaque.

Reduces Sensitivity. Dramatically reduces post-operative pain and sensitivity by adding tri-atomic oxygen molecules to the inside of the tooth.

Did You Know?

Oxygen Ozone speeds up the healing of sensitive teeth and gum tissues after surgery, enhances the immune system and encourages the remineralization of the tooth and bone.

A Powerful Disinfecting Oxidizer…

Penetrates Dentinal Tubules. Reaches deep within fissures, grooves, accessory canals, and carious dentin.

Insufflates periodontal pockets. Penetrates into the perio-pocket areas where no other antibiotic or disinfectant can reach.

Sterilizes Anaerobic Infections. Neutralizes the bacterias, viruses, fungi, mutants, and parasites that cause tooth decay and gum disease.

Did You Know?

Oxygen Ozone mimics the same oxidative processes that white blood cells demonstrate when fighting against harmful bacteria in the human body.

Stronger, Longer Lasting Restorations…

Limits Secondary Caries. Reduces the risk of recurrent caries leading to restoration failure.

Strengthens Restoration Bond. Improves adhesion through Removing the smear layer and by opening and broadening the diameter of the dentinal tubules.

Lengthens Restoration Lifetime. Increases the chance that your new restoration will function longer over the course of your lifetime.

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