Your Home Away from Home

Welcome to the official patient guest house associated with the clinic. A A mountaintop awesome house with a pacific ocean view that has been designed specifically for accommodating international visitors.

The guest house is conveniently located across the street from the clinic where you can receive delicious fresh fruit breakfasts, cold-pressed green juices, whole food lunches and not to mention the magnificent views of the Costa Rican mountains.

In addition, please take advantage of the high-speed business quality internet connection.

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The Guesthouse

A cute, cozy and simple dental vacation home with two rooms for you to choose

Outdoor Dining Area
A Beautiful spot with a refreshing breeze

The area is calm and inviting with natural flora and fauna.

Open Inviting Livingroom 
Natural lighting with Original Flower Art.

The living room is warm and convenient with naturally great air conditioning.


Spacious Comfy Seating
A cozy room with a view to follow the moon

The Main Living Room is a comfortable room with two very comfortable chairs and and dining table to seat three comfortably.

Modern Industrial Kitchen
An everything you need place to prep food and create meals

The kitchen is the “favorite” place to be for many of our guests because the farmers market is right across the street.

    The Menu

    Fresh, delicious and nutrient-rich food for you to choose

    BioHealth Vegetable Dips
    Raw vegetables and all-natural vegan dips

    Locally sourced, raw healthy vegetables combined with gluten-free vegan dips made for wellness.

    BioHealth Breakfast Party
    Helping you start your day with just the right nutrition

    Starting the day right with the perfect mix of vitamins and minerals is a must for all BioDental patients.

    BioHealth Snack Foods
    Raw vegan snacks to keep you going throughout the day

    Lunch Made with Love, Cucumbers, coconut cream and chickpeas.

    BioHealth Vegan Wraps
    Healthy and organic lettuce wraps

    Romaine lettuce filled with kale, quinoa, and lentils.

    BioHealth Juice Bar
    Raw freshly pressed juices for a healthy day

    Freshly pressed organic turmeric and dark leafy green juice.

    BioHealth Salad Bar
    Health-nut salad creations from your own design

    Bright and lively salads to fill your heart’s content.

    Restaurants Around the Corner

    See what’s available in the neighbourhood

    Bulali Coffee & Craft Pastry
    The most original coffeeshop in Costa Rica

    Passion for creating delicious food and exquisite pastries that make us feel good to eat.

    Simple Clean Eatery & Juice Bar
    Where the southern California lifestyle comes together

    A salad temple for whole foodist devotees to celebrate natures divine green abundance.

    Raw Co. Juicery & Food
    Where David Avocado Wolfe come to eat

    Whole food plant-based cold-pressed juices and meals made from fresh local ingredients.

    Liquida Smoothie & Juice Bar
    The best way to start your day in Costa Rica

    The first smoothie and infusion bar in Costa Rica, offering a whole new concept that makes healthy eating fun and interesting.

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