Right at the Heart of Tinamastes Organic Market

Immerse yourself in a vibrant holistic community and become inspired to embrace a conscious, emphatic and whole body approach to oral health care.

Through barefoot dentistry, plant based therapies, oxidative medicine, spiritual care and sacred authentic relating, receive an applied healing approach for your overall well-being.

Our Holistic BioDental clinic is located beside Saint Christopher’s Catholic Church, just steps away from the Tinamastes Organic Market.

“Tinamaste” means a flaming hearth made of circular stones.

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Tinamaste BioDental

Designed for a barefoot dental experience.

The Operatory

SMART Certified Surgical Operating Room
Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Operatory

The Safe Surgical O.R. is a specially constructed Mercury Safe operatory equipped with an integrated high vacuum suction directly in the room, natural air ventilation and negative ions.

Huggins-Grube Protocol Operating Room
Full Dental Revision Operatory

The Dental Revision O.R. is an aesthetically pleasing high-end dental operatory designed and constructed exclusively for the safe removal of all toxic dental materials

The Culture

Natural Light Illumination
A view into the jungle 

We designed our office in a way to help take advantage of the natural light while you’re receiving your dental treatment.

Nice View of the Dental Sign
A Holistic Approach

Our hand polished Holistic BioDental Tinamaste sign, thatched with a Japanese square lashing bamboo roof.

Our Services

These complimentary dental services reflect our conviction to ethical and sustainable healthcare practice

SMART Procedure
Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique

Safety recommendations and protective measures to be utilized for the removal of mercury amalgam fillings.

Ceramic Implantology
Zirconium Oxide Nano-Ceramic Biological Implants

Zirconia based dental implants provide outcomes with a lower ion release and cytotoxicity for favourable biocompatibility.

Root Canal Removal
Root Canal Removal Protocol Techniques

Biological removal protocols and techniques used to extract the brittle root canals with ozone and PRF to optimize healing.

Oxygen Ozone Therapy
Oxidative Medicine Based Therapy To Fight Disease

Therapies to increase oxygen capacity in the body through ozonated gas, water, saline solution and hydrogen peroxide.

Patient Reviews From Around The World

Click through and read our recent patient reviews.

    Our Technology

    Advanced next level minimally invasive and high tech dental technology

    Minimally Invasive Hydro-Air Abrasion
    Danville PrepStart H2O

    This innovative dental tooth preparation technology has been around in dentistry for over 100 years and offers maximum patient comfort with injections rarely required.

    Remineralizing Oxygen Ozone Treatment
    Enaly Dental Ozone Generator

    The multiple benefits of using oxygen-ozone therapy prior to tooth restoration, after surgical procedures and for deep cleanings is well documented.

    Diamond Line Restorative Curing Light
    DRM DiamondLite Mini (UHI)

    The Photopolymerization of DRM’s dental Restorative materials is best ensured with the Materials’ prerequisite requirements.

    Dr. Hal Huggins’ Safe Amalgam Removal Protocol
    RITA Meter Dental Amalgam Current Measurement

    A dental amalgam ammeter used to measure the electrical current discharged through each mercury amalgam filling.

    Pure Zirconium Oxide High-Performance Ceramic
    Z-Systems Full Ceramic Surgical Kit

    The Only FDA Approved 100% Metal Free 1-Piece, 2-Piece & Tapered Ceramic Dental Implants.

    Dr. Joseph Choukroun PRF Protocol
    Duo Quattro Dental PRF Centrifuge 

    The dental centrifuge system invented by Dr. Choukroun uses 6 PRF protocols and tube balancing in order to optimize the separation of blood components while maintaining the viability of the live plasma cells.

    Our Dental Lab

    Our Dental Lab Tomorrow’s Technology Today

    3D Digital Dental Smile Design
    inLab CAD Software

    The inLab CAD Software is even more closely aligned with the requirements of CAD/CAM systems in the dental laboratory.

    Comprehensive Image Processing
    Morita i-Dixel Imaging Software 

    The Morita i-Dixel imaging software allows for a thorough examination from the initial exposure to the final diagnosis. 

    Our Holistic Location

    A View From Up Above The Diamante Valley


    In The Neighborhood

    Locations and attractions around the clinic

    Saint Christopher’s Roman Catholic Church
    Tinamaste, San Jose, Costa Rica

    The third time reconstructed roman catholic temple located in Barú de Tinamaste was originally constructed in 1949 as a chapel house in order to celebrate catholic mass once per month. 

    Essene Order of Natural Mystics
    Tinamaste, San Jose, Costa Rica

    The religious organization recognizes each individuals personal relationship with the holy creator in order to purely develop oneself with divine direction, guidance and sacred medicines.

    T’n’T Therapeutic Touch
    Tinamaste, San Jose, Costa Rica

    The office is located right next to Soda la Peña on the road to Dominical and San Isidro in front of Holistic BioDental. To make an appointment contact Tim or Tessa. Blessings upon you!

    Tinamastes Oragnic Farmers Market
    Tinamaste, San Jose, Costa Rica

    Now the second largest organic farmers market in Costa Rica and holistic refuge for like minded people to get together for nourishing the community.

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