Oxidative Dental Medicine

Since the 1930s and 1960s, many researchers suggested that high dosages of ascorbic acid may be beneficial to decreasing the incidence or symptoms of the “common cold”, however today we know much more about it’s beneficial properties in fighting oxidative stress and cellular tissue damage. 

Today, the administration of high doses of intravenous Vitamin C while undergoing safe mercury amalgam removal provides the body with a powerful anti-oxidant in order to protect itself against degenerative exposure to free radicals and oxidative stress before, during and after the procedure.

Numerous clinicians worldwide have started offering this powerful immune boosting and inflammation reducing molecule called Ascorbic Acid/Sodium Ascorbate to help chelate the old stock of accumulated mercury from different parts and organs of the body, while protecting against any potential exposure to mercury vapor caused during the removals themselves. The patients who receive this treatment, report more energy coming out of the procedure, then going into the procedure.

Intravenous Vitamin-C

Oxidative Medicine Treatment. Vitamin-C is a necessary requirement for all Oxygen therapies such as ozone therapy and has tremendous healing effects on the body in general.

Free Radical Scavenger.  Vitamin-C is a potent reducing agent and scavenger of free radicals in biological systems.

Prevents Oxidative Damage.  Prevents oxidative damage to important biological macromolecules such as DNA, lipids, and proteins.

Did You Know?

Vitamin-C also reduces redox active transition metal ions in the active sites of specific biosynthetic enzymes.

Anti-toxicity Properties…

Reduces Toxicity Levels. Vitamin-C can help you tolerate the exposure to higher doses of mercury vapor and particulate contact encountered during the removals. It does this by reducing toxicity levels within your body.

Prevents Infections. Vitamin-C does more than just help protect your body from the common cold, as it’s most extensively researched studies indicate that Vitamin-C can also help alleviate and prevent infections caused by bacteria, viruses, and protozoa.

Antioxidant Effects. Research shows that Vitamin-C acts as an effective antioxidant. Taking high doses of Vitamin-C can help prevent cellular degeneration from occurring and stop free radicals from developing in your body and causing damage.

Did You Know?

Vitamin-C improves our immune system’s ability to neutralize bacterial, viral, and even fungal infections. IV therapy allows the body to benefit from higher doses of vitamin-C without the adverse effects.

Vitamin-C Benefits…

Collagen Production. Vitamin-C plays an important role in both enhancing and maintaining the immune system through strengthening both the bone (collagen) and hyaluronic acid within the body.

Antihistamine Effects. Vitamin-C has been shown to have a general antihistaminic effect and decrease bronchial responsiveness overall. Free radicals contribute to the cause of airway obstruction– like in asthma patients. Vitamin-C is known to be a “radical scavenger” that doesn’t hurt the body. Upping your Vitamin-C intake through IV therapy is a huge benefit for those who frequently battle allergies and asthma.

Bypass Your GI Tract. Vitamin-C is an essential component of your health and wellness. Unfortunately, your body can’t produce Vitamin-C on its own. Foods like oranges, lemons, and red bell peppers are rich in Vitamin-C and should be a part of your diet. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of consumed Vitamin-C can be absorbed by our bodies. High doses of Vitamin-C can cause gastrointestinal (GI) discomfort. The best way to combat this issue and maximize the benefits of Vitamin-C is through Vitamin-C IV. Research shows that Vitamin-C IV is highly beneficial for your body. Vitamin C IV allows you to bypass your GI tract and take full advantage of high doses of Vitamin-C.

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