We are a wellness-centered practice committed to providing complementary and alternative medicine in dentistry alongside traditional dental treatments, therapies, protocols, and procedures all within a relaxed, tranquil, compassionate and healing-conducive environment.

Our practice utilizes minimally invasive dental techniques combined with biomimetic approaches, non-toxic dental materials, oral microbiome support and applied dental healing science in order to help patients achieve an improved state of overall health. 

Our team of  dental, medical and allied healthcare practitioners are highly skilled, optimistic and enthusiastic about the personal level of care they provide.

Important Modern & Ancient Holistic Research

Timely and timeless research indicates an energetic relationship between teeth and the rest of the body. Each tooth is connected to one or another of the five vital organs in the human body that are considered paramount for survival (brain, heart, lungs, kidneys and liver) via the twelve main meridian acupuncture lines (TCM), which are considered as passageways through which our prana (life-force energy) flows.

Therefore having a non-compatible composite resin filling, porcelain fused to metal crown, allergenic implant, failed pulp capping procedure, endodontically treated toxic root canal, neuralgia-inducing oteonecrosis cavitational legion, periodontal gum disease, obstructive sleep apnea, TMJ & occlusal dysfunction, oral microbiome dysbiosis, imbalanced eating habits, or using harmful oral health care products may and can cause an interference field and therefore trigger a dis-ease in another organ of the body remote from the tooth.

Each person is a unique and complex combination of “metaphysical” (the science of what is beyond the physical) components and holism in health encourages individuals to recognize the whole person’s physical, mental, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual states and reflects the art and science of caring for a person in a way which considers all aspects of their body, mind, spirituality and emotions in relation to “[other] individuals, the environment, or populations, either separately or in various combinations”. Kundan Iqbal, Newcastle University.

The term “holism” was coined by the philosopher Jan Smuts in 1926, derived from the Greek word “hólos”, meaning “whole” like in a whole food. The first major work in the history of philosophy to bear the title “Metaphysics” was Aristotle’s treatise where he captured the essence of holism when he stated “the whole is more than the sum of its parts”. Therefore holistic treatment is defined as treating all 9 layers of the human energy field’s (physical, mental, emotional, psychic, spiritual, etheric, astral, karmic and nirvanic) bodily systems.

"That which comes to be always does so as a whole; so that if a man does not count the whole among realities he ought not to speak of substance or of coming-to-be as real. " - Plato's Sophist (p. 245 d).

How, What & Why...

We help facilitate patients primary dental care requirements through the use of holistic therapies, biomedical materials, minimally invasive techniques, biomimetic approaches, oral microbiome support, nutritional protocols and optimal healing environments.

We see people coming from many different religious, spiritual, and traditional belief systems and believe they have the right to receive an applied dental healing solution through holistic and biological dental treatments, therapies, protocols and procedures.

We believe people deserve the medical freedom to choose complementary and alternative medicine in dentistry and the right to obtain practical, effective, and culturally acceptable forms of modern dental care.

An Applied Dental Healing Vision

Our vision is centered around being a compassionate, multidisciplinary, research orientated team of medical, dental, pharmaceutical and allied healthcare professionals providing a holistic approach towards modern oral biological dental medicine and the applied dental healing sciences.

The BioDental Mission

Costa Rican BioDental’s mission is to inspire an applied healing approach for dental care through serving every patient in every dental practice and in every home.

Core Values


Costa Rican BioDental is grateful to provide patients with complementary medicine in dentistry.


Costa Rican BioDental is optimistic about patients choosing complementary medicine alongside traditional dentistry.


Costa Rican BioDental is committed to integrating "Western” high-tech dental medicine with complementary healthcare.


Costa Rican BioDental holds itself responsible to continuously deliver beneficial complementary oral healthcare applications.


Costa Rican BioDental is loyal to help patients from all religious, spiritual, traditional, and healing belief system modalities.


Costa Rican BioDental trusts in the power of each patient's unique metaphysical regenerative healing cycles.

Safety & Environment

Code of Ethics

Costa Rican BioDental cares for the health, safely and well-being of its patients, and the environment, that's why we were the first clinic in Costa Rica to sign and adopt the IAOMT's Code of Ethics. 

Training & Acreditation

Costa Rican BioDental cares about the training and accreditation of it's staff and medical personnel, that's why we were the first clinic in Costa Rica to become IAOMT certified. 

Realizing the Dream

Costa Rican BioDental’s dream is to directly empower 1 million Costa Rican’s with the medical freedom to choose complementary and alternative medicine in dentistry and the right to obtain practical, effective, and culturally acceptable forms of applied oral healthcare.

Healthy Minds

Helping Children Live their Greatest Potential

In order for our world to become a better place, it’s important to give all children the right to have a calm, healthy, and balanced mind.

Better Decisions

Improving the Lives of Everyone on the Planet

Helping children become mercury free today will directly benefit the decisions that future generations will make tomorrow.

Important Projects

Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Clinics

Providing Important Services for a Greater Need

This complementary pediatric dental clinic will be a positive contribution to help make humanity more aware and conscious.

Large Educational Campaigns

Getting the word out to those in Need

Investing in education within the classroom setting empowers our youth to become smarter and wiser about the real issues at hand.

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