Our Philosophy

We are a wellness centered alternative dental practice, committed to providing comprehensive biological, biocompatible and biomimetic dentistry in a relaxed and compassionate atmosphere.

Our practice utilizes the most non-invasive dental techniques combined with non-toxic dental materials in order to help patients achieve an improved state of overall health. Our team of dental professionals are highly skilled and enthusiastic about the personal level of care that they provide.

Research has shown the energetic relationship between teeth and the rest of the body, each tooth is connected to various different body organs via acupuncture meridians and therefore having a mercury amalgam filling, root canal, metal crown, or anything that is not compatible may cause an interference field and trigger a disease in another organ remote from the tooth.

Every person is a unique and complex combination of physical, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual components and health reflects a balance of all five.

The Mission

Costa Rican BioDental’s mission is to directly empower 1 million children to become mercury free by opening a complementary pediatric dental clinic dedicated to safely removing and replacing these toxic mercury amalgam fillings from the mouths of children nationwide.

Healthy Minds

Helping Children Live their Greatest Potential

In order for our world to become a better place, it’s important to give all children the right to have a calm, healthy, and balanced mind.

Better Decisions

Improving the Lives of Everyone on the Planet

Helping children become mercury free today will directly benefit the decisions that future generations will make tomorrow.


Our vision is centered around being a compassionate, multidisciplinary, research orientated team of alternative dental and medical professionals providing advanced holistic and biological dentistry.


Free Amalgam Removal Clinics

Providing Important Services for a Greater Need

This complementary pediatric dental clinic will be a positive contribution to help make humanity more aware and conscious.

Large Educational Campaigns

Getting the word out to those in Need

Investing in education within the classroom setting empowers our youth to become smarter and wiser about the real issues at hand.

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Attention All Patients

In light of global developments regarding the spread of COVID-19, at this time our practice is treating emergency patients only until August, 8th, 2020. Please contact the practice if you are experiencing pain, swelling and/or bleeding and a doctor will promptly call you back.

Atención A Todos Los Pacientes

A la luz de los desarrollos mundiales relacionados con la propagación del COVID-19, en este momento nuestra práctica tratan a pacientes de emergencia solo hasta Agosto, 8, 2020. Por favor comuníquese con la práctica si experimenta dolor, hinchazón o sangrado y un médico lo llamará de inmediato.