Our History

Costa Rican BioDental was born out of the mindful and conscious decision to help liberate the masses from strictly newtonian and galenic based approaches to dentistry, it’s use of toxic dental materials and the disassociation between the oral cavity and teeth from the rest of the organs in the body.

Initially, BioDental’s success came through helping Costa Rican’s safely remove and replace their mercury amalgam’s with biocompatible alternatives, all while conserving as much healthy tooth structure as possible through incorporating the ART technique, biomimicry, hydro-air abrasion and oxygen-ozone therapy into holistic dentistry.

Today, we are a multidisciplinary practice incorporating complementary & alternative medicine in dentistry to safely remove and replace non-compatible dental restorative materials with healthier biocompatible alternatives.

“Life is the most precious asset we have” Let us help you embrace it!

Advancing Dentistry..

Since our inception in 2013, Costa Rican BioDental continues to be at the forefront in providing a holistic and biological dental experience to an international community of health conscious individuals, spanning over 33 countries and incorporating many different religious, spiritual and traditional belief systems.

As an early adopter of innovative biomedical technology, we were the first clinic in Costa Rica to exclusively choose to work with toxic dental removal protocols, oxygen ozone therapies, hydro-air abrasion procedures, biomimetic techniques all while using safe and familiar “Made in the USA” advanced biocompatible materials.

In our journey towards advancing an applied healing approach for oral healthcare, our focus continues to go towards providing patients with more conducive to healing environments, complementary treatment options, holistic therapies, nutritional protocols, and oral microbiome support as well.

A long time ago...

It all started many years ago when one incredibly considerate costa rican dentist along with her warm attentive assistant decided to embrace helping patients become mercury-free safely.

Our Incredible journey to Mercury Freedom!

Today, the location has since been upgraded and new clinicians from every field have wholeheartedly embraced this new calling in life.

While the clinic has changed a lot, the focus continues to remain the same if not even greater then ever.

Helping patients with severely compromised immune systems to safely remove their toxic and/or infectious dental restorations for replacement with safe and biocompatible alternatives.

A look at the protocol that made us famous….

A look at one of the first safe amalgam removal protocols ever performed in Costa Rica. This video was initially taken at the clinic’s first location back in 2015.

Watch as Dr. Patricia Benavides carefully and skillfully incorporates the Safe Amalgam Removal Protocol, Hydro Air-abrasion, Oxygen Ozone Therapy, The ART Technique, and the Biomimetic Technique required to correctly apply the biocompatible DRM dental restorative materials.

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