• September 8th , 2013

    Costa Rican BioDental starts helping people to safely remove and replace their mercury amalgam fillings.

  • October 10th , 2013

    Costa Rica along with 94 other different countries signed the Minamata Convention on Mercury Treaty.

  • March 15th , 2017

    Costa Rican BioDental moves into it's new state-of-the-art facility located next to the CIMA International Hospital.

  • August, 8th, 2020

    Costa Rican BioDental celebrates it's seventh year anniversary.

  • Sept, 12, 2020

    Costa Rican BioDental becomes the first franchised healthcare brand in Central America.

  • Jan, 29, 2023

    Costa Rican BioDental announces groundbreaking partnership with Holistic Dental Costa Rica

  • July, 8, 2023

    Dr. Gianina Soto makes guest speaker presentation at the Detox your Life Festival at Awake Uvita, Costa Rica.

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