At the Heart of Holistic & Biological Dentistry

Choosing a holistic and Integrative biological dental practice can be no easy decision. We’d like to help make your choice easier!

Costa Rican BioDental provides unique biologically supportive before, during and after protocols based on the most recent research and technological discoveries in safe mercury amalgam removal, minimally invasive techniques and oxygen ozone therapy in holistic dentistry.

Please read our protocols or contact us to see how we can help.

“Bio” means life. Hence, “BioDental” means "Living Dentistry".

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Meet the Dental Team

Following within the footsteps of the founders of holistic and biological dentistry, the team is composed of highly skilled and conscious dentists with a mountain of experience and know-how to help innitiate a whole-body healing expericence.

The Doctors

Dr. Andres Gomez (OMFS) Maxilofacial Surgury Specialist

Dr. Andres Gomez (OMFS / DDS / DMD) is an exceptionally skilled Oral and Maxillofacial Surgical Specialist with a holistic and biological reputation within the local professional and academic dental community. Dr. Gomez has also published an extensive quantity of peer reviewed scientific articles and case studies in internationally acknowledged medical and dental surgery journals.

Dr. Gianina Soto (DMD) Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry

Dr. Gianina Soto (DMD / DDS) is a unique, open-hearted, and intuitive Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry with a clear vision and mission in life that revolves around non-violence in action, and therefore has been a practicing vegan for almost 20 years. Dr. Soto has also adopted the same approach and mentality in her practice by implementing minimally invasive, non-traumatic dentistry as well.

Patient Reviews from Around the World

Read some of our most recent patients who’ve traveled around the globe to receive treatment from us!

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