The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) Protocol

The IAOMT’s SMART protocol provides dentists, physicians and research professionals with basic minimum protocol suggestions for how to handle the safe removal of dental amalgams. 

The following steps come directly from the IAOMT’s protocol suggestions and outline the procedures to be followed in the IAOMT Removal Protocol.

Basic Removal Protocol…

  • Activate Negative Ion Generator. A particle stream of negatively charged ions will be directed towards you during surgery to help bind up any ambient mercury vapor.
  • Placement of nasal mask with external air. A separate air source with medical-grade oxygen is delivered underneath the protective barrier to help prevent inhalation of the mercury-laden vapor particles during the procedure.
  • Placement of a non-latex dam, napkin, and saliva suction. A non-latex rubber dam will be properly applied along with a dental napkin and saliva suction evacuator for your comfort and safety.
  • Apply head to toe protective barrier. A plastic protective barrier will be placed over your entire body to help limit any additional contact with ambient mercury particles.
  • Positioning and Alignment of the elephant suction. A high volume extra-oral air vacuum suction will be held in place directly above the operating field to evacuate all mercury vapor and contaminates from the surgical environment.
  • Use of HVE Suction with Clean-Up tip device. High volume (speed) evacuation fitted with a Clean-Up tip device ensures greater capture of the mercury amalgam particulates.
  • Saliva Ejector. A saliva ejector is placed underneath the dental dam to reduce mercury exposure.
  • Cold Water Spray. Copious amounts of water are applied to reduce heat, capture mercury discharges, and reduce ambient mercury levels.
  • Cut & Chunk Technique. The amalgam will be sectioned into chunks and removed in as large of pieces as possible with a small diameter carbide drill.
  • Thorough Mouth Rinse. After the procedure, the mouth should be thoroughly flushed with water and then rinsed out with a slurry of charcoal, chlorella or similar adsorbent.

Did You Know?

During amalgam removal high levels of mercury vapor can easily pass through the rubber dam. That’s why Costa Rican BioDental has invented a unique and improved rubber dam that guarantees no detectable mercury vapor from seeping and entering into your mouth and body. (Learn More)

The Huggins-Grube Applied Healing Protocol…

Dr. Hal A. Huggins DDS, MS was both an American Doctor of Dental Medicine, Immunologist and research scientist who developed what is considered to be one of the most enhanced protocols for removing amalgam fillings from the body.

The following steps are based on the Huggins protocol and together with Dr. Grube’s contributions outline the procedure to be followed in the Huggins-Grube Protocol.

Enhanced Removal Steps…

  • Measure Amalgams with Hal Huggins RITA Meter. Your amalgams will be electrically charted for removal in strict electrical sequence.
  • Pre-Removal Detox Slurry. Upon request and highly recommended is a combination of chlorella, kelp, spirulina and activated charcoal to help further protect you during surgery (read more).
  • Nasal canula with oxygen tank. A clean source of medical grade oxygen will be fed directly into your nose during surgery via a nasal cannula.
  • Non-Latex Dam. A special non-latex mercury resistant Nitrile rubber dam will be applied along with a dental napkin and saliva suction evacuator for your comfort and safety.
  • Slow-speed drilling with Carbide bur. A unique low speed hand piece is used with a very special Amalgam Remover bur for the speedy, safe and efficient removal of the amalgam filling.
  • Sequential removal by quadrant (or by tooth in extreme cases). Your mercury fillings will be removed by sectional chunks without causing any unnecessary damage to the remaining healthy tooth structure.
  • Mercury Scavenging Mouth Rinse. The Dentist, assistant and yourself will all verify that the mercury amalgam has been completely removed from your fillings.

Did You Know?

According to Dr. Huggins, It is of great importance that the amalgam be removed in the correct sequence determined by the electrical current passing through the fillings as this allows a set of four healing endocrine glands to be stimulated for healing that provide a 80% chance of causing the body to begin to eliminate the mercury via the urine by itself (without supplements).

About Our Advanced Protocol…

Costa Rican BioDental’s mission is to help safely remove and replace amalgam fillings with biologically compatible restoratives without destroying natural tooth structure so patients can enjoy the benefits of living mercury and heavy metal free while getting to keep their natural teeth longer over the course of their lifetime.

The following steps combine the basic and enhanced removal protocols along with a specially designed dental technology that allows no detectable mercury vapor from seeping past the dam, a minimally invasive tooth conserving cavity preparation approach that avoids the loss of healthy tooth structure, and 7th generation biologically compatible restorative materials along with their advanced biomimetic application techniques.

Advanced Removal Steps…

  • Mercury Decontamination Dams. Our investigations into limiting mercury vapor from seeping past the rubber dam have led us into inventing a very special piece of dental technology that guarantees 99% no detectable vapor from entering the mouth during surgery (read more).
  • Amalgam Remover Burs. In order to reduce the release of toxic mercury vapor, a specialized instrument is used for the prevention of excessive heat and long treatment time (read more).
  • Health Cycle Scheduling. All life and existence within the universe has its expression in cycles based on the seven classical planets of the ancient world which is where the seven days in the week come from (read more).
  • Minimally Invasive Preparation.  A modern medical based approach to the preservation of healthy tooth structure primarily through the use of the ART technique, hydro abrasion and through boycotting the dental drill, especially the turbine (read more).
  • Remineralizion Treatment. A vital component to the process of remineralizing teeth, ozone treatment predictably kills all of the mutan bacterial microbes along with thier acidic end products responsible for tooth decay and reverses the chemistry of the tooth back to neutral prior to reconstruction for a healthier and longer lasting restoration (read more).
  • Grounding Protection. The earth’s grounding shield of protection produces a negative ionic charge that can neutralize any of the harmful health effects caused by the positively charged mercury vapor ions entering into the body (read more).

Did You Know?

The FDA states “Removing sound amalgam fillings results in unnecessary loss of healthy tooth structure”. Thats why Costa Rican BioDental has specifically developed a minimally invasive and biomimetic approach to prevent the loss of healthy tooth structure through a new dental approach that combines the A.R.T. technique, Hydro Abrasion and Oxygen Ozone along with 7th generation biocompatible restoratives and their advanced biomimetic application techniques.

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