It’s estimated that 70%–85% of disease starts in the mouth...

Welcome to Costa Rican BioDental

We offer a holistic and biological dental approach in order to help complement your cancer healing experience.

You will receive a complete dental revision that is much more than the standard diagnosis provided by conventional dentistry. Here you will be treated as a whole, not just based on your current dental situation.

Costa Rican BioDental provides unique biologically supportive before, during and after protocols based on the most recent research and technological discoveries in safe mercury amalgam removal, chronic dental infection revision, metal-free biocompatible restoration materials, minimally invasive techniques and oxygen-ozone therapy in holistic dentistry.

We invite you to become our partner on your way to regaining your total overall health and well-being and we support you on this healing adventure. Visit us if you are looking for better solutions to your oral healthcare questions. We are looking forward to helping you!

“Bio” means life. Hence, “BioDental” means Living Dentistry

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