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Letter from the CEO

At Costa Rican BioDental, our practice has long focused on re-investing the retained earnings from each quarterly period in order to better improve the overall revenue cycle, its integrity, and also for the purpose of complying with the latest government and health regulation authorities. Over the years, and to this day, our business model continues to provide compliance, managed care, patient relations, centralized scheduling, and the management of medical records as well to thousands of patients throughout the world.

In the deployment of these earnings that patients entrust to us, we first seek to invest in the same medical team, equipment, and facilities that were responsible for our success in the first place. During the past 7 years, Costa Rican BioDental’s patient base and market reach have aggregated $3 million whereas the company’s internal investments in property, clinic, and equipment have totaled $500 thousand.

Reinvestment in productive operational healthcare assets will always forever remain our top priority. In addition, we constantly seek to license more and more affiliated dental centers, that can earn good returns on the net tangible capital required in their operation to manage the Costa Rican BioDental brand and its professional administration policies, protocols and procedures in order to expand our business’ reach without having to invest in new locations and distribution networks.

When we meet such professionals, who are actively operating under their respective medical licenses locally, our primary objective is to always invest in achieving the required accreditation first in order to obtain and sustain international standards of quality. Non-the-less, Our abilities to make major licensing partnerships that possess our required merits and attributions are rare and far in between. Far more often, an unfavorable job market serves up opportunities for us to recruit more and more qualified oral surgeons and invest heavily in a highly motivated and trained workforce that will support the successful implementation of the business strategy.

However it works – Costa Rican BioDental’s financial results will come from the future earnings of the Costa Rican BioDental brand, its management, operations, and licensed practices that we have established and are running.

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