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Choosing a holistic and Integrative biological dental practice can be no easy decision. We’d like to help make your choice easier!

Costa Rican BioDental provides unique biologically supportive before, during and after protocols based on the most recent research and technological discoveries in safe mercury amalgam removal, minimally invasive techniques and oxygen-ozone therapy in holistic dentistry.

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“Bio” means life. Hence, “BioDental” means Living Dentistry

Our Clinic

Designed for maximum clinical functionality and patient comfort

Costa Rican BioDental Operatory for Safe Removal Amalgam Protocol

Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Operatory
Safe Surgical O.R.

The Safe Surgical O.R. is a specially constructed Mercury Safe operatory equipped with an integrated high vacuum suction directly in the room, forced air ventilation and a negative ion generator.

Costa Rican BioDental BioCompatible Materials and Safe Mercury Amalgams Removal

Ergonomic Chair
Safe Surgical O.R.

The Operatory O.R. is an aesthetically pleasing high-end dental operatory designed and constructed exclusively for international medical patients visiting Costa Rica for dental treatment.


Holistic and Biological Dental Clinic Located at Costa Rica

Natural Ligh

We designed our office in a way we can also take advantage of the natural light while your receiving your dental treatment.

Costa Rican BioDental Holistic Dentistry

Nice View
Costa Rican Lettering created by Byron Balmaceda

We understand how hard could be to stay hours in a dental chair, that’s why we are always charging the vibe of the clinic with art.


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    Our Technology

    Advanced next level minimally invasive and high tech dental technology


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    3D Digital Panoramic Tomography
    (Panoramic + 3D Full Tomography = $220)

    It’s fundamental to take a full tomography or a panoramic on your first visit as we will need the same one for giving you an accurate treatment plan. The radiation level of Morita Digital Panoramic X-Ray equipment for one panoramic shot is about a half amount of cosmic radiation exposure on the flight from Washington DC to Los Angeles.


    PRP Plasma Centrifuge

    The Orthodontic O.R. is dedicated to helping patients realign their misaligned teeth with holistic minimally invasive metal free treatments such as Invisalign.


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    We do use Ozone before placing the composite after the Safe Mercury Amalgam procedure. We also use Ozone for deep cleanings, before placing any filling and for small cavities.

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    Hydro Air Abrasion

    The Prepstart offers a maximum of patient comfort with injections rarely needed. The PrepStart is a great practice builder. The crisp on/off control and easily set abrasive flow assures an even, precise cut. Multiple tip sizes allow rapid cutting at low pressures for maximum patient comfort. Adjustable pressure and powder flow allow settings from rapid cutting to stain removal. 


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    DiamondLED Curing Device

    The Orthodontic O.R. is dedicated to helping patients realign their misaligned teeth with holistic minimally invasive metal free treatments such as Invisalign.

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    Electro Surge

    We use the electro surge to read the negativity of the amalgams, once we know the charge of them. According to the protocols we follow we start removing them from the cuadrant with more negative charge.


    Our Dental Lab

    Tomorrow’s Technology Today

    Our Interesting Location

    A view at night


    In The Neighborhood

    Locations and attractions around the clinic


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    CIMA International Hospital

    This modern state-of-the-art tertiary care facility is at the center of medical tourism in Costa Rica. This is where we are located: Hospital CIMA, Tower #2, Second Floor, Suite 223.

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    STARBUCKS Coffee

    Even though we don’t drink coffee, it’s still nice to have that “All American” cultural presence right outside our window.


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    Our favorite restaurant serving gluten-free, raw and organic foods for everybody’s taste buds.

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    This is Costa Rica’s only IMAX theatre, it’s first showing was Avatar