Right at the Heart of Costa Rican Medical Tourism

Choosing a holistic and Integrative biological dental practice can be no easy decision. We’d like to help make your choice easier!

Costa Rican BioDental provides unique biologically supportive before, during and after protocols based on the most recent research and technological discoveries in safe mercury amalgam removal, minimally invasive techniques and oxygen ozone therapy in holistic dentistry.

Please take a look around or contact us to see how we can help.

“Bio” means life. Hence, “BioDental” means Living Dentistry

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Our Clinic

Designed for maximum clinical functionality and patient comfort

The Operatories

Costa Rican BioDental BioCompatible Materials and Safe Mercury Amalgams Removal

SMART Certified Surgical Operatory
Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal & Surgical Operatory

The Safe Surgical O.R. is a specially constructed Mercury Safe operatory equipped with an integrated high vacuum suction directly in the room, forced air ventilation and a negative ion generator.

Ergonomic Surgical Chair
Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal & Surgical Operatory

The Operatory O.R. is an aesthetically pleasing high-end dental operatory designed and constructed exclusively for international medical patients visiting Costa Rica for dental treatment.

The Culture

Holistic and Biological Dental Clinic Located at Costa Rica

Natural Light Illumination
Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal & Surgical Operatory

We designed our office in a way to help take advantage of the natural light while you’re receiving your dental treatment.

Nice View from the Dental Chair
Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal & Surgical Operatory

 We understand how hard could be to stay hours in a dental chair, that’s why we are always charging the vibe of the clinic with art.

Patient Reviews From Around The World

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    Our Technology

    Advanced next level minimally invasive and high tech dental technology

    3D Digital Dental Cone Beam CAT Scan
    Morita Veraviewepocs 3D R100

    The radiation level of our Morita Veraviewepocs 3D R100 for one panoramic shot is about half the amount of cosmic radiation exposure experienced on a flight from Washington DC to Los Angeles, California.

    Dr. Joseph Choukroun PRF Protocol
    Duo Quattro Dental PRF Centrifuge

    The dental centrifuge system invented by Dr. Choukroun uses 6 PRF protocols and tube balancing in order to optimize the separation of blood components while maintaining the viability of the live plasma cells.

    Minimally Invasive Hydro-Air Abrasion
    Danville PrepStart H2O

    This innovative dental tooth preparation technology has been around in dentistry for over 100 years and offers maximum patient comfort with injections rarely required.

    Remineralizing Oxygen Ozone Treatment
    Enaly Dental Ozone Generator

    The multiple benefits of using oxygen-ozone therapy prior to tooth restoration, after surgical procedures and for deep cleanings is well documented.

    Diamond Line Restorative Curing Light
    DRM DiamondLite Mini (UHI)

    The Photopolymerization of DRM’s dental Restorative materials is best ensured with the Materials’ prerequisite requirements.

    Dr. Hal Huggins’ Safe Amalgam Removal Protocol
    RITA Meter Dental Amalgam Current Measurement

    A dental amalgam ammeter used to measure the electrical current discharged through each mercury amalgam filling.

    Pure Zirconium Oxide High-Performance Ceramic
    Z-Systems Full Ceramic Surgical Kit

    The Only FDA Approved 100% Metal Free 1-Piece, 2-Piece & Tapered Ceramic Dental Implants.

    Modern CAD/CAM Dentistry
    Dentsply Sirona inLab MC X5

    The inLab MC X5 is a universal five-axis production unit to meet any CAD/CAM dental laboratory production requirements.

    3D Digital Dental Smile Design
    inLab CAD Software

    The inLab CAD Software is even more closely aligned with the requirements of CAD/CAM systems in the dental laboratory.

    Comprehensive Image Processing
    Morita i-Dixel Imaging Software 

    The Morita i-Dixel imaging software allows for a thorough examination from the initial exposure to the final diagnosis. 

    Our Dental Lab

    Our Dental Lab Tomorrow’s Technology Today

    Our Interesting Location

    A view at night

    Avenida Escazu San Jose Costa Rica

    In The Neighborhood

    Locations and attractions around the clinic

    CIMA International Hospital
    Escazu, San Jose, Costa Rica

    This modern state-of-the-art tertiary care facility is at the center of medical tourism in Costa Rica.

    Starbucks Coffee, Tea & Spices
    Avenida Escazu

    Even though we don’t drink coffee, it’s still nice to have that “All American” cultural presence right outside our window.

    Búlali Coffee & Craft Pastry
    Avenida Escazu

    One of our favorite restaurants serving gluten-free, raw and organic foods for everybody’s taste buds.

    IMAX Movie Cinema
    Avenida Escazu

    This is Costa Rica’s first of three IMAX movie cinema’s, it’s first showing was Avatar.

    Close Menu

    Attention All Patients

    In light of global developments regarding the spread of COVID-19, at this time our practice is treating emergency patients only until August, 8th, 2020. Please contact the practice if you are experiencing pain, swelling and/or bleeding and a doctor will promptly call you back.

    Atención A Todos Los Pacientes

    A la luz de los desarrollos mundiales relacionados con la propagación del COVID-19, en este momento nuestra práctica tratan a pacientes de emergencia solo hasta Agosto, 8, 2020. Por favor comuníquese con la práctica si experimenta dolor, hinchazón o sangrado y un médico lo llamará de inmediato.