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Costa Rican BioDental Holistic Investor's Meeting

Costa Rican BioDental CEO to host 2020 live Holistic Investors call on September 30th.
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Join Our Live Investor's Meeting

Reserve your seat at the 2020 Live Investor's Meeting of the Costa Rican BioDental Healthcare System.


Monday, September 21, 2020 – 3:00 pm Costa Rican BioDental | CIMA International Hospital, Avenida Medica #104, Suite #223, San Jose, Costa Rica, 10203

Board chairman, Victor Ronald K.M. (CEO) will call the meeting to order at 3:00 pm, Central American Time.

Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Rosita Fung (COO) will disclose any potential conflict of interests.

Chief Compliance Officer, Margo Marjanska (CCO) will call the roll and announce the number of members present as well as recognize any visitor’s expressed interest.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Mr. Marco Nahmias (CTO) will distribute the agenda, which had also been previously presented via email. Members wishing to modify the agenda are provided with an opportunity to make a motion for its amendment. The majority will rule for the agenda to be approved.

This opportunity is provided for persons in the audience to make a brief statement, not to exceed three (3) minutes on issues or concerns not covered by the agenda.

Full Embracement of Human Experience Liver, Amoda Maa will review, update, and present the Research and Investment Processes.

Board chairman, Victor Ronald K.M. will review, update, and present the investment strategy and it’s performance metrics.

Interim Chief Financial Officer, Alex Barboza (CFO) will present the financial report regarding Fiscal 2019-2020 operations.

Chief Holistic Officer Dr. Gianina Soto will report to the Board on behalf of the Medical Executive Committee on matters of clinical policy, planning, operations, governance, and relations with external agencies.

Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Jose Saborio (CCO) will report to the Board on behalf of the Innovation Health Committee (IHC) on matters of the innovation strategy and innovation management, the strategy for protection of intellectual property, and Costa Rican BioDental’s major research and development projects in order to oversee the management and prepare any Supervisory Board decisions.

Chief Operating Officer, John T. little (COO) will report to the Board on behalf of the Employment Equity Committee (EEC) on matters of the hiring process, employment policies, and procedures in order to represent the designated groups within the workplace.

Independent Research Director, Anita Vazquez Tibau (IRD) will report to the Board on behalf of the Environmental, Social and Governance Committee (ESG) on matters of the continuous integration of national and international best practices into the corporate governance of Costa Rican BioDental and of environmental, social and governance matters into the company’s strategies, in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

Dr. Esteban Arce will present the board with a long list of BioImpact investments and philantropic work currently being supported.

Chief Creative Officer, Maria Jose (CCO) will review the consent agenda.

With no further business to come before the Board of Directors Investment Committee, the meeting will be adjourned at 8:00 pm. Members will complete the Meeting Evaluation Form.

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Buy a whole floor at the new Avenida Medical tower next to Hospital CIMA

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At Costa Rican BioDental, our practice has long focused on re-investing the retained earnings from each quarterly period in order to better improve the overall revenue cycle, its integrity, and also for the purpose of complying with the latest government and health regulation authorities. Over the years, and to this day, our business model continues to provide compliance, managed care, patient relations, centralized scheduling, and the management of medical records as well to thousands of patients throughout the world.

In the deployment of these earnings that patients entrust to us, we first seek to invest in the same medical team, equipment, and facilities that were responsible for our success in the first place. During the past 7 years, Costa Rican BioDental’s patient base and market reach have aggregated $3 million whereas the company’s internal investments in property, clinic, and equipment have totaled $500 thousand.

Reinvestment in productive operational healthcare assets will always forever remain our top priority. In addition, we constantly seek to license more and more affiliated dental centers, that can earn good returns on the net tangible capital required in their operation to manage the Costa Rican BioDental brand and its professional administration policies, protocols and procedures in order to expand our business’ reach without having to invest in new locations and distribution networks.

When we meet such professionals, who are actively operating under their respective medical licenses locally, our primary objective is to always invest in achieving the required accreditation first in order to obtain and sustain international standards of quality. Non-the-less, Our abilities to make major licensing partnerships that possess our required merits and attributions are rare and far in between. Far more often, an unfavorable job market serves up opportunities for us to recruit more and more qualified oral surgeons and invest heavily in a highly motivated and trained workforce that will support the successful implementation of the business strategy.

However it works – Costa Rican BioDental’s financial results will come from the future earnings of the Costa Rican BioDental brand, its management, operations, and licensed practices that we have established and are running.

Mission-Driven Organization

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Our Management Process

(CRBD Healthcare System)

Costa Rican BioDental is led by an Executive Management Team of seasoned healthcare administrators, project planners, medical equipment procurers advising on the global complementary and alternative medicines market, offering individualized total solutions to new and existing healthcare system owners.

CRBD adheres to the Code of Ethics of the International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. Collaborating with different clinical care practice and dental care centers in Costa Rica and worldwide, it develops models of care that are “holistic-and-biological” and dedicated to patient safety and quality outcomes. CRBD’s quality and patient safety framework empowers clinic owners with the ability to implement, monitor, and evaluate procedures and systems by adopting methodologies for continuous quality improvement and international patient safety standards.

CRBD’s Best Practices Financial and Operations Management Services provides healthcare assets and it’s owners with the ability to understand and manage costs, control expenses, and develop financial plans that will support the successful implementation of the business strategy. When CRBD assumes Management and Control of Day-to-Day Business Operations, the clinic will benefit from highly experienced systems of control to ensure transparency and maintain controls and audit trails to offer investors the security their investments are being appropriately managed.

Finding and retaining employees is a hallmark of CRBD’s success. The cost associated with clinical training and recruitment is extremely competitive and our focus is on maintaining a highly motivated and trained workforce. Our selective recruiting philosophy also reinforces efforts to achieve accreditation and sustain international standards and quality.

CRBD utilizes International Benchmark Data in order to measure the CRBD healthcare system against the best healthcare facilities in the world. These benchmarks are shared with staff, the Board, and the investors. On a continual basis, the healthcare system can be assured that its Marketing and Branding will showcase successes and accomplishments that will be promoted both locally and internationally.

Committed to Ethical Dental Practice.

Costa Rican BioDental cares for the health of it’s patients, and the environment, that’s why we were the first clinic in Costa Rica to sign and adopt the IAOMT’s Code of Ethics 

Learn More About Us

(Long term trajectory in serving the global complementary and alternative medicines market)

Our Team

We are a compassionate, multidisciplinary, research orientated team of medical, dental and pharmaceutical professionals providing complementary medicine in dentistry alongside traditional dental treatments, therapies, protocols, and procedures.

Our History

We were born out of the incredibly conscious and considerate decision of one costa rican dentist along with her warm attentive assistant deciding to embrace helping patients to become mercury-free safely in a relaxed environment.

Our Mission

Costa Rican BioDental’s mission is to help inspire consciousness and awareness towards complementary medicine in dentistry through facilitating innovative services to the global complementary and alternative medicines market.

Celebrating 7 Years

Costa Rican BioDental is proud to be celebrating 7 years of positive environmental, social, and sustainability practices for long-term holistic growth.

Our Unique business Proposition

(Located in the Beverly Hills of Costa Rica, our three main infrastructure sites offer aditional value)

The Clinic Location

Located in the Beverly Hills of Costa Rica, the medical tourism hub

The BioHealth House

Both a work and resting place for BioDental patients, employees, and friends

The Ad Agency

Our Innovative and creative online social media strategy agency

A Value Investing Approach

Have a personal connection with your investment, strategically invest in our noble causes and ethical dental practices. Build, thrive, and grow responsibly and sustainably.

Reasons to Invest

(Major Dental Innovator)

Turnkey Executive Management

Costa Rican BioDental allows you to take immediate executive management decisions upon the future of holistic and biological dentistry.

Healthcare System Innovation

Costa Rican BioDental is at the forefront of IT innovations in the health care system that will change, revolutionize and disrupt the world.

Health Promoting Investments

Costa Rican BioDental continues to improve prevention timeframes and healthcare protocol instruction guidelines to a unique global patient base spanning 33 countries.

Biological Healthcare Market

Costa Rican BioDental is an up and ready leader in investing in biological sensors and biofeedback applications for improving oral health.

International Market Investing

Costa Rican BioDental's business model significantly reduces all if not any investment risk related to Costa Rica's business culture and allows for greater diversification.

BioDentistry Venture Capital

The healthcare sector is attracting as many investments as the artificial intelligence industry, Invest in anthroposophic pharmaceuticals and biodental technology.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Committed to Corporate Social Responsibility in order to effectively regulate both the transparency and accountability of the directive management of the economic, social, ethical and environmental policies.

Investing in Humans

(Conscious, sustainable financial integrity gains)

Quarterly Returns

Be passionate about helping socially disenfranchised people.

BioImpact insights

Insightful reports on how your investments are contributing the pressing global issues.

Integrity Dividends

Deepen employee commitment, lower turnover, improve customer service.

Investing in Private Health Care in Emerging Markets Guide

Geared for potential investors and financiers, the guide reveals potential market opportunities in the private health sector, and also discusses the most common risks and barriers that investors face in the sector as well as ways to manage and overcome them. 

Reasons to Invest

(Immediate Capital Returns)

Earn High Returns

Costa Rica is an upper-middle-income country with a well developed healthcare services industry.

Low Risk Tolerance

Owning hospital infrastructure lowers the risk of investment depreciation and appreciates your initial investment value.

Great Stock Index

Costa Rica's National Stock Exchange, provides market indices for investors, statistics, news, and press releases.

Smart Hospital Toolkit

 A practical guide to achieve Smart Health Facilities by conserving resources, cutting costs, increasing efficiency in operations and reducing carbon emissions

Our Innovations in Health

(End to End Patient/User Experience)

SMART Procedure

Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique

Ceramic Implantology

Zirconium Oxide Nano-Ceramic Biological Implants

Root Canal Removal

Root Canal Removal Specific Protocol Techniques

Virtual Treatment Planing

As a pioneer of using telehealth technology to expand access to Virtual Dental Evaluation and Diagnostic Services

Dental Anxiety eService

Help those who have high levels of dental fear to start developing and cultivating healthy, happy and holy oral home care habits

BioDental Products

Provide nanotechnology nutraceuticals that are specifically designed to satisfy the vitamin and nutrient requirements

Get To Know Us

We are a group of compassionate people dedicated to being good stewards of the environment and making a positive and beneficial contribution to humanity

SocioEnvironmental Governance

(Contribution to the goal)


Investing in green technologies to make a positive environmental impact on natural resource conservation, decreased pollution, and hazardous waste management


Promoting, respecting, and encouraging employee retention, diversity, and inclusion, company culture, policies, and patient rights.


Improving the administration of how our company is managed with ethical business and employment practices, including a commitment to equal pay for employees.

Take a stand!

Respect our communities, help our Initiative of Healthcare Professionals to Impact the lives of disenfranchised Costa Ricans today!

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Holistic & Biological Dentistry

 Costa Rican BioDental
Avenida Medica #104, Suite #223
San Jose, Costa Rica

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Join our 2020 Live Holistic Investor’s Call

Holistic & Biological Dentistry

 Costa Rican BioDental
Avenida Medica #104, Suite #223
San Jose, Costa Rica

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  • Help Costa Rica
  • Make an Impact
  • Improve Society!


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Holistic & Biological Dentistry

 Costa Rican BioDental
Avenida Medica #104, Suite #223
San Jose, Costa Rica

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  • Help Costa Rica
  • Make an Impact
  • Improve Society!


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Holistic & Biological Dentistry

 Costa Rican BioDental
Avenida Medica #104, Suite #223
San Jose, Costa Rica

Investor Details:

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  • Help Costa Rica
  • Make an Impact
  • Improve Society!


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