Urgent Investor Search - $15,000 USD (Costa Rica)

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7+ years pioneer holistic & biological dental practice in San Jose, Costa Rica is currently and presently urgently seeking the support of a socially and environmentally oriented impact investor who wants to make long term potential growth gains in the global complementary and alternative medicines market (valued at 270 billion within the next 7 years) working with a global conscious and holistically minded patient base to evaluate, diagnose and treat oral dental related diseases and provide complementary consultations, protocols and therapies. 

We are looking for investment capital in order to continue to treat our high patient volume roster of faithful new and established patients wishing to come back or visit immediately in order to pursue or continue treatment. The total value of equipment and instrumentation within the clinic is valued at above $20,000 USD. We are looking to use this equipment and additional value (over $10,000) of the clinic’s physical installation and facility as leverage to attract the much required and a much valued capital investment of at least $15,000 USD. 

The clinic will immediately continue to generate substantial revenue as is without the need for any additional investment due to a large patient base of new and established users. The newly invested owner or business partner will immediately be able to see their small investment capital start to generate a return from day one. Investor is welcome to either completely take control and manage the day-to-day operations of the clinic and/or leverage the founder’s 7+ years of experience and know how in order to further improve and perfect the dental patient’s user experience. 

With either the sale or investment capital, both will include unlimited support and dedication to the effective and successful implementation of the clinic’s business strategy. Clinic comes complete and includes the following facilities, equipment and instrumentation; 

– Two separate and private dental operatory units, one specially equipped for the clinic’s innovative “bread and butter” safe mercury amalgam removal protocol, and another for complex maxillofacial surgery procedures. 

– Each dental operatory comes complete with sophisticated German design dental chairs, each one customized with additional air and waterways for permitting the application of hydro air abrasion for minimally invasive dentistry. 

– Separate sterilization room complete with a modern dental autoclave for sterilizing the dental instrumentation and storage for keeping the cleaning supplies and and related accesories. 

– Comfortable waiting room with a beutiful custom disigned reception area complete with a large modern billing work station for two people, handcrafted from exotic polished wood for managing the patient’s billing and clinic’s day to day accounting operations. 

– Entire clinic interior outfitted with a expensive natural wood shock resistant flooring, cabinetry and free-standing medical grade support carts for tranporting and moving specialized dental equipment. 

– Over $7000 USD in dental supplies, and over $20,000 USD in expensive dental equipment and medical devices, including a german made dental implant motor for implant and maxilofacial surgury, a PRF centrifuge for stem cell related dental work, a Hydro/Air Abraision device for implementing minimally invasive dentistry, ozone generators with their and adjacent oxygen tanks for complementing oral rehabilitation strategies, expensive dental cosmetic and surgical hand piece instruments and tools. 

Looking to sell as is and/or obtain financial investment capital of at least $15,000 in order to retain/obtain operational control for the succesful implementation of the clinic’s business strategy.

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