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Socially and environmentally responsible dental practice

Meet and surpass your projections, support Costa Rican BioDental’s mission to improve the lives of Costa Ricans and the world, and have a stake in the company’s welfare.

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Making an Impact

Costa Rican BioDental was established in 2013, just two months before the Costa Rican government signed the Minamata Convention on Mercury which implemented the phase-down for the use of mercury amalgam fillings due to its degree of toxicity on people’s livelihoods for the protection of Costa Rican’s from the health compromises associated with exposure to mercury.

To make precedent at that time, Costa Rican BioDental was established in order to help improve the lives of people through substantial investments in the private health sector to make a direct social and environmental impact on the local Costa Rican society.

Costa Rican BioDental has met extensively with members of the local government from the Ministry of the Environment in order to provide a comprehensive up-to-date assessment over the use of dental mercury in dentistry since the ratification of the Minamata Convention on Mercury in 2017. Investing in the local Costa Rican economy has had a significant impact on the market and while the complete phase-down for the use of  dental mercury in Costa Rica remains a pressing issue, substantial progress has been made since its effect.

Invest in a Higher Cause

Align your portfolio with new a environment, commit to doing good in the world by investing your money in socially responsible business practices to improve the human condition and make a broad and lasting impact.

Make an Impact

Costa Rica is at the top of the list of the happiest countries on Earth. As a small Central American country of less than seven million people, the proud nation has a robust social security system, including a universal basic healthcare service that is still currently phasing down mercury amalgam fillings.

To a country that already dedicates about a quarter of its territory to protected nature reserves, the success of mercury safe and free dental access in Costa Rica is expanding along with its rapidly developing dental market and economy.

As a result, Costa Ricans can look forward to mercury freedom in the near future, and keep and maintain its happiness levels on top of global rankings.

Safe Amalgam Removal Initiative

A project to help and support over 100 Costa Rican's to become Mercury Safe & Free for the reduction of mercury's neurotoxicity and other associated health effects upon the local population.

Costa Rican BioDental Initiative

A project to help support Costa Rican BioDental's foundation work in the not-for-profit sector for the contribution of mercury safe dentistry to building of a new mercury free society.

Green Dental Clinic Initiative

A project to promote best management practices within the dental community in Costa Rica for the reduction of mercury discharges and compliance with the Ministry of Environment.

The World Bank describes Costa Rica as an upper-middle-income country, and the nation is widely seen as a success story for development.

As more and more borrowers have begun to receive investment in Costa Rica over the past decade. Leading microfinance company’s loan portfolios have expanded by 25 percent per year from 2010 to 2015.

By 2015, microfinance-specific institutions held a combined portfolio of at least $81 million in loans in Costa Rica. A forum hosted by Costa Rica’s General Superintendency of Financial Institutions in 2016 provided government and industry officials there with background information on microcredit products, and aimed to increase assistance to the burgeoning sector.

During these same years, younger and smaller firms in Costa Rica grew at a faster rate than larger, more established firms and the general economy grew at around 3.5 percent per year. A 2017 report by the International Monetary Fund stated that credit growth in Costa Rica is healthy, along with other macroeconomic trends.

Make an Impact

Stand for a cause, invest in responsible action, reallocate funds to a conscious cause and become a catalyst for significant social change.

Stand Up for a Cause

Break the Cycle of Misery

Make a BioImpact investment and give back to the community by helping less fortunate people become mercury-safe and free.

use money and investment capital for positive social results

Use money and investment capital for positive social results. Generate positive social and environmental effects in addition to financial gains.

Health Promoting Investments

An investment strategy that not only generates financial returns but also creates constructive and beneficial outcomes.

Biological Healthcare Market

Our strategy actively seeks to make a positive impact by investing in minimally invasive healthcare enterprises that benefit both society and the environment.

International Market Investing

Receive a market-rate financial return that is in line with your conscience.

BioDentistry Venture Capital

We are a niche healthcare enterprise in a developed and emerging market economy.

Values-Based Socially Responsible Investing

Be a committed environmentalist, become a socially conscious investor, and make an environmental and societal change.

Make money and make an impact together.

The perfect marriage of purpose and profit that comes from efficient, well managed and positioned-for-growth Impact Investments.

Use your money for good

Make money with integrity to make a positive impact together.

Our duty to positively serve society as a whole

Giving back to the community by investing in sustainable social responsibility practices to help save our planet.

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