Dr. Kris Bejarano (DDS)

Mercury Safe & Biomimetic Specialist

With an innate love for nature, Dr. Kris Bejarano practices biomimetic dentistry as a way to mimic and re-create the natural stress reduction pathways that teeth naturally have.

Very early on as a young child while growing up on our family farm, I remember the strong determination I had felt to become a dentist

Born and raised in Coronado,  a rural and mountainous suburb next to San Jose, Dr. Kris Bejarano is an incredibly warm, loving and compassionate alternative dental healthcare practitioner with a focus for helping patients whose immune systems have been compromised safely remove their mercury amalgam fillings.

Today, as a highly-skilled and successful restorative dentist, Dr. Bejarano has earned herself a reputation as a trustworthy and dependable partner for achieving optimal oral health and total whole-body wellness.

Higher Education

Doctor in oral surgery (Latina University of Costa Rica)

Degree in Dentistry (Latina University of Costa Rica)

Professional Memberships

  • Member of the Dental Surgeons College of Costa Rica.
  • Emphasis in oral surgery at the social security of Costa Rica (CCSS) 2016
  • Clinic internship at state clinics: Clinica Marcial Fallas (Desamparados), Clinica Clorito Picado (Tibas).
  • Clinical attention in different state schools
  • Presentation addressed to the administrative staff of CIMA hospital about diseases associated with bad habits in dentistry. (2017)
  • Official Presenter of the National Congress of Dentistry of the Latina University of Costa Rica in the years 2015 and 2016
  • Volunteer in attention to the indigenous population of San Vito de Coto Brus Costa Rica


  • Certification of waste management and infection control (2013)

Dr. Mary Bernotti (DMD)

Ozone & Oxidative Medicine Specialist

As a third-generation medical practitioner, Dr. Mary Bernotti has followed in the same footsteps as her family through providing these highly specialized dental/medical procedures.

My greatest joy as a dentist comes from seeing the happiness in the faces of the patients after each new completed case

Originally from Venezuela, Dr. Bernotti graduated from the Romulo Gallegos University School of Dentistry as a Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry.

Today as Costa Rican BioDental’s chief protocol director, Dr. Bernotti enjoys the rewards of being directly responsible for ensuring that each treatment protocol is performed according to the highest standards of care and patient satisfaction.

Higher Education

Doctor in oral surgery (Rómulo Gallegos University of Venezuela)

Degree in Dentistry (Rómulo Gallegos University of Venezuela)


  • Endodontics Diploma: “Retreatment or Approach surgical”. U.C.V 2013.
  • Course ENDOTOUR University UCV. 2013. (8Hrs)
  • Diploma Professional Improvement: Diagnosis and Treatment of pulpal and periapical lesions. U.C.V 2013
  • II Conference on Contemporary Vision of Implantology, Year 2012.
  • Periodontology Course, Year 2012. (6 Hrs)
  • 6th Venezuelan Osseointegration Congress, Year 2011.
  • 9th International Congress of Oral Implantology, Year 2011.
  • New Aspects and Advances in Dentistry, dictated by Dr. Gordon Christensen, Year 2011.
  • Update on Prostheses, Year 2010. (8 Hrs).
  • 1st Day of Endodontics and Periodontics Surgery, Year 2010 (8 Hrs).
  • 1st and 2nd Day of Odontological Update, Year 2010 (8Hrs).

Professional Memberships

  • IAOMT Certification

Dr. Ariel Torres (DDS)

Oral Cavitations & NICO Specialist

As both an incredibly gifted musician and clinician, Dr. Ariel Torres holds the natural and intuitive ability to solve complex oral and maxillofacial chronic dental cavitation issues.

I like to take my time with each patient and not rush with any of the minor or small details

Born and raised in San Jose, Dr. Ariel Torres is a uniquely qualified surgeon with a passion for removing immune system compromising chronic oral infections.

Today, as a role model for the team, Dr. Torres is inspiring quality and excellence in all the work that we do.

Higher Education

  • Bachelor of Dentistry, emphasis on Maxillofacial Surgery and OGA January, 2018
    Latin University of Costa Rica
  • Master in Banking, Finance and Financial Markets December, 2014
    OBS Business School-University of Barcelona


  • Digital Smile Design, taught by Dr. Christian Coachman and Livio Yoshinaga July, 2014 (currently active member of the DSD Team) DaVinci’s Dental Academy
  • Lithium and Pfkeep Perfect Combination, taught by Dr. Juan Cabrera October, 2018 Latin University of Costa Rica
  • Strengthening Customer Service January, 2012 National Bank of Costa Rica
  • Insurance Technician (Personal, General, Automobile) May, 2015 National Insurance Institute

Dr. Gaby Salazar (DMD)

Patient Relations & Clinic Coordinator

With already a career in medical translations behind her, Dr. Gaby Salazar is a natural-born communicator who loves to listen and get to know patients better.

Helping patients receive the right dental treatments is an art that I love to practice

Originally from Nicaragua,  Dr. Gaby is a uniquely qualified general dental surgeon with a passion for helping patients receive the most accurate treatment plans along with scheduling options.

Today, as a key member of the team, Dr. Salazar works to create balance and equilibrium between patients needs and the clinic’s capabilities and capacities.

Higher Education

  • 2012 – 2017, Cirujano Dentista. Facultad de Ciencias Medicas. Unan – Managua. Nicaragua.
  • 2007- 2010, Advanced English Program for international communication. Ave Maria Language Institute. Latin American Campus. San Marcos, Carazo, Nicaragua.


  • 2016, Course – Workshop ¨ FROM THE THEORY TO PRACTICE IN DIAGNOSIS CONTEMPORARY OF THE DENTAL CARIES¨. Taught by University of Costa Rica, UCR, Hilton Princess Hotel. Managua Nicaragua.
  • 2014 – 2016, Participation in the JUDC (University Development Day Scientific). Faculty of Medical Sciences. Unan – Managua, Nicaragua.
  • 2017, Participation in SILAIS- MANAGUA Scientific Research Conference, Nicaragua.
  • 2017, Participation in National Scientific Research Conference Health workers Managua, Nicaragua.
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